Nissan Micra and Sunny automatic versions arriving soon to India

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Nissan Micra and Sunny

Plans to release Warm and Micra with CVT (Continuous Varying Transmission) are in place and Car will release them prior to expected. Recently, Renault released Scala with CVT in Native indian. A CVT engine provides sleek running and at the same time helps to preserve petrol consumption to a large degree.

Read more at To help meet needs of customers in Native indian, Car and Renault have mutually set up a factory at Oragadam, near Chennai. This service has an yearly capacity of generating 4 lakh automobiles. Car is looking to increase number of CVT equipped automobiles sold from a current 12,000 to 20,000 units on a international basis. Car lovers in Native indian will be in for a cure as the product wishes to release a beginner Datsun automobile for Native indian markets in 2014. Under the Datsun product, Car will offer two small vehicles, one in the cost variety of INR 3 lakhs and the other in the variety of INR 5 lakhs.

Nissan Native indian is also enhancing its supplier network. Their aim is to have 300 dealerships across Native indian by 2016.


2013 New Release Jaguar XFR-S

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The XFR-S functions technological innovation functions from both the XKR-S and the all-new F-TYPE two-seater activities car to make the most driver-focused, nimble and sensitive version of Jaguar’s award-winning XF saloon variety. The XFR-S has been designed by Jaguar Area Rover’s professional ETO department – its exclusive powertrain, framework and human body improvements allowing it to force the performance limitations.


Electrifying performance is offered by the 5.0-litre revved-up V8 fuel motor which now functions 550PS and 680Nm – up 40PS and 55Nm respectively over its XFR set up. The improves have been obtained through modifications to the motor control program and optimization of the circulation of air both into and out of the motor.


Fitted with an eight-speed transmitting including Jaguar’s ‘Quickshift’ technological innovation (developed for the F-TYPE), the improve in motor outcome allows the XFR-S to speed up to 60mph in 4.4 a few moments (0-100km/h in 4.6 seconds) and on to an digitally restricted top rate of 186mph (300km/h).


The exclusive 20-inch compact made metal ‘Varuna’ tires are broader front side and back and are shod with exclusively designed Pirelli rubberized, providing the XFR-S a more muscle position and improving its hold and balance. Allied to this are comprehensive revocation modifications which provide to improve horizontal revocation rigidity by 30% for higher guiding perfection and responsiveness.

The Decoy of the RV

September 26, 2012 1 comment

The RV has been an aspect of American automotive lifestyle for quite some time now and their popularity doesn’t seem to be declining anytime soon either. An RV is a van that has been extended to include a ton of extra features including a kitchen, a sitting area, a bedroom, a bathroom and much more. They routinely cost well over $100,000 to purchase and can be purchase at car dealerships that carry them or at dealerships that specifically specialize in selling and renting RVs. RVs are used by people that love to travel the country by vehicle but don’t want to cram all of their belongings into a moving van or into the trunk of their car. RV is short for recreational vehicle. That is just what these types of vehicles are. They are manufactured and distributed for recreational purposes. They are used more for recreational purposes. People can live in them for a certain amount of time, especially if they are embarking on a cross-country trip. RVs can be manufactured in a small size or in a very large size. Some of them even have a side-out extension. This is when the side of the vehicle can be extended out of the vehicle once it is parked via a motor. This makes for more room inside of the vehicle for eating, sleeping, or lounging.

There are well over 10 different forms of recreational vehicles on the market today. They include Class A motor homes, Bus Conversions, Class B camper van, Class C motor homes, Truck Camper, Folding Trailer, Travel Trailer, Teardrop Trailer, Hybrid Trailer, Fifth-Wheel Trailer, Park Model, Totter home and a Toy Trailer. A Class A motor home is one that is built either on a truck chassis, a motor vehicle chassis, or a commercial bus chassis. The side-outs mentioned above first appeared in 1989 and they allow for more room than would fit on the road. A Bus Conversion is a commercial passenger bus that has been converted to a motor home. It has beds, a kitchen, a bathroom, and a lounge area. It is larger than most RVs and is typically the largest RV you will find on the market today.

A Class B Camper van is built using a conventional van but this van has either the roof raised or the back has been replaced with a low-profile body. A Class C motor home is built on a truck chassis and has an attached cabin section. A Truck Camper is one that is built into the bed of a pickup truck and it typically can be removed when not in use. These fit perfectly in the bed of the pickup truck. Some of them do hangover if necessary. A Folding Trailer is more commonly referred to as a pop-up or tent camper that collapses for towing and storage. These can be towed by almost any vehicle on the automotive market today. A Travel Trailer is a camper that can be towed by mostly larger vehicles and it has a bumper or a hitch for towing.

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Car Shipping Through Eco-friendly Ways

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The auto shipping industry in the US may have falling standards but some of the researchers in this industry have reported that there are plans in action to make the industry more environmentally friendly. This market was also reported to change its paradigms to newness very slowly. However, the researchers have found a good activity list that puts the news otherwise. For the auto making companies, the worst thing considered was that the one brand maker shares the trailer for auto shipping with its rival company’s cars. However, if you looked at the car shipping quotes for every company, a huge amount of money was wasted just because of this behavior.

Collaborative efforts by competitors

Now as the time passes, and the market conditions have gone down economically, collaborative efforts are seen in the market for the car transport for every company. The auto companies now have found the advantage of saving up cost of shipment of cars to the dealers and directly to customers as well.

GPS monitoring

Now no company will need to worry as the more accurate and the more advanced GPS and cellular network can help the companies monitor the whole process of shipment and see to it that their vehicles are not intercepted or harmed or otherwise damaged.

Going green

The auto shipping companies are also now running on pure diesel yet clean engines, biochemical fuel and have hybrid trailers and trucks for the shipment as well. The companies that want to ship their cars to dealers and to direct consumers can actually teach their customers a lesson with such use of equipment as well.

For personal use shipping

For those consumers who also want to make sure that they ship their cars safely and much greener way to another place without any damage can also go for such companies as these are offering personal services as well. They not only provide services, but also have the partnership with moving companies. They all will teach you how to move and provide you with tips on moving too.

Moving tips are easy for you to find over the internet on their websites. Nowadays when the internet is ubiquitous, there are many websites that you can have access to otherwise as well, to get tips on how to move out successfully. The moving out process is full of problems because the fact that every kind of moving out process is different may increase costs of moving as well as packing.

So many people have faced the process of moving out. However, they may not be able to guide you because their way of moving out and the process they went through may be different from yours. There are so many blogs that people have made to provide you with information on different types and almost every kind of relocation and moving out process. You can get tips and suggestions so that it is easy for you to move and settle in the new place. Else, you can just go to the car shipping companies, tell them you want to move and they will help you move the greener way.

Simple Car Transportation Services

Car transportation services are more considerable than ever due to an ever-increasingly mobile society these days. Whether we are changing jobs, starting on different living situations or taking extended vacations. For this reason, car transportation services are among one of the most searched things when planning a trip. People taking advantage of transporting their vehicles includes events such as purchasing a new or used vehicle from an online dealer. And while most online business is secure, those who are making big purchases (such as buying a vehicle) want to make sure that their vehicle is going to be shipped to them in the most safe and secure manner possible.

Surprisingly, cars are not the only kinds of vehicles that are transported. Often times, heavy machinery such as that used in construction as well as boats, RVs, trailers and motorcycles are among some of the other types of vehicles you can find on the backs of car hauling trucks. One of the more popular items that are shipped frequently is exotic or classic cars. Owners of such vehicles will usually opt to use some sort of enclosed car transportation services for the mere fact that doing so helps to protect their classic vehicle from the sometimes rough elements of long road trips. For instance, dust, grit, gravel, and inclement weather are just some examples of elements that a protective car owner may want to shield his or her vehicle from when paying to have it delivered.

Look for auto shippers that have been in business for a long time and/or have a solid reputation within the car moving industry. Pay attention to testimonials from other customers, fill outinstant vehicle shipping quote forms on the website and most importantly, narrow your choices down to a few companies that you can actually call and speak to on the phone. Make sure that you have a list of questions ready at your fingertips to ask the customer representative, and be sure that all of your questions are answered completely to ensure that you feel as comfortable as possible when the time comes to hand over your keys. Door-to-door auto shippers, as a general rule, fair better than those that require you to drive your vehicle to a depot and drop it off. Ask about the turnaround time for when you can expect your vehicle to be delivered; and make sure that the auto transport company with whom you are dealing with- has all of the accreditation’s that it needs in order to operate as a sound and verifiable business.

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2013 Latest SRT Viper

Which has a 640-hp V-10 and also a body made involving magnesium, aluminum, and also carbon fiber, we’re expecting greatness through Chrysler’s supercar. And at 100 fantastic, it’d better be great-there’s already some sort of Corvette ZR1 within this price range that will eat Ferraris, plus the C7 will only in the ante. Plus there’s a certain new Mustang that is far cheaper and really should be mighty remarkable too. And even when the Viper is faster compared to the Ford or Chevy inside a straight line, it must increase its handling above the outgoing model. While SRT individuals are claiming a very hot 0-to-60 time involving 3. 5 seconds and also a 206-mph top speed with the new car, a final Viper was time-warp-fast too-and likewise saddled with unstable handling and regular maintenance headaches.

SRT Viper

Haunted by simply those ghosts involving Vipers past, Chrysler fitters started over. That they lowered the car’s pounds by about 140 pounds and made its chassis 50 pct stiffer. (That alone tells you how far Chrysler had to visit to make a Viper that’s world-class. ) The Tremec-supplied six-speed guide book (no automatic, a minimum of not yet) is said to have far lower clutch effort, while bringing tighter ratios plus much more precise feel. The particular suspension is totally new, again with the purpose of more predictable coping with. And there’s some sort of multi-setting stability-control system having a full-off mode with the track. That may very well be great, but provided that the car doesn’t absolutely need the electronic help to handle like some sort of supercar.

That is going to be key. This Viper is designed to challenge cars that will reach nine tenths of their potential without technological guardrails. The SRT has to get in that ballpark becoming a real winner.

Ferrari 458 Italia Spider