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Few safety Tips to be given by Parents to their Teens!

Teens of this generation are pretty fast in all fields and when it comes to

Few safety Tips to be given by Parents to their Teens

Few safety Tips to be given by Parents to their Teens

driving they are faster and its parent’s responsibility in explaining all safety tips while driving. And you also got to ensure that your teen is keeping in mind and following those safety tips.

First and foremost tip is not to allow their teens to drive unless and until they are eligible to drive and you shouldn’t give license to them unless you feel that your teen is enough matured to drive on roads. Parents shouldn’t think of the illegal demand that may cost to life but they should bear in mind about the safety of their teen.
When your teen gets license it doesn’t mean that your teen has become an expert in handling safe driving. Its can be just the learning stage so it’s better that you don’t leave them all alone on roads for drive. Give them good knowledge and habits for driving and make sure that they follow the traffic norms and regulations. Make sure that they follow all traffic norms.

Cell phones are the biggest distraction to your teens while they are on drive! Hence at the time of driving prohibit the usage of mobile phones by your teen as teen driving should never be clubbed with cell phones. This is just as risky/dangerous as drunk driving. Also guide your teen not to use any other thing which distracts their drive like iPods, eatables and putting makeup. And most vital is parents are not suppose to/try in interacting with their teens while they are on drive as its also a part of distraction.

Night driving to be prohibited by teens. Its just because most of the accidents are happening during night time and therefore its better to shun nighttime driving particularly when they are at learning stage.

Normally parents become role model for their children. They see their parents driving and slowly they are likely to imbibe the same habits and style of driving when they commence to drive on roads. When parents are clam and patience and follow all traffic norms while driving then they are guiding their children to a safe drive and hence it’s the duty of each and every parent to follow safe driving tips and habits.

Another most important point to be noted by parents is they are not supposed to give their teens a big SUV as they are just in the learning stage. Its always better to give them a small/medium size sedan which is fully loaded with plenty of safety aspects like anti-lock brakes, airbags, electronic stability control, cruise control and automatic seat belt tensioner. In case of any emergencies all the safety aspects stated above play a major role. At times when teens are in apposition of not controlling the steering wheel, anti lock brakes and other related safety aspects will be of great help to shun car collision and make sure that they wear seat belt every time when they are on drive!

Another vital point is to educate your teen in maintenance of car. Tell them to check the tyre pressure, fluid level, battery charge, and performance of engine. This makes your teen to be pretty cautious and alert in case of any fault. And this in turn avoids accident even if there is any severe fault as they’ll be alert! Also educate them to respond to unexpected situations like lost key, stolen car or any abrupt breakdown of car and make sure there is an emergency kit in the car dash and all this consequently improves the safety standards of the car as well as the teen.

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