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The New Manhart Racing BMW M3 E92 (2010)

Having anonymously developed the BMW power trains for decades, Man hart is finally storming the tuning charts with sensational compressor and V10 reconstructions of his M3 E91 Touring with V10 motor. And now for the current M3 generation, Man hart offers a 3 stage power package, developing the eight-cylinder high speed motor to up to 655 HP.

The first Man hart authority stage starts with a small compressor and a supercharging pressure of 0.35 bar, which results in 515 HP. In stage II, the supercharging stress is increased to 0.50 bar, with 585 HP strained on the rear axle. In the third stage, a large compressor from ASA with a supercharging pressure of 0.67 bars is combined with an exhaust system and two 200 cell race catalytic convertors.

Besides, Man hart racing also used a Bilstein PSS10 threaded postponement into the M3, which turn classic BBS challenge rims in black. It is further supported by 9Jx20 ET20 with 245/30ZR20 at the front and 10.5Jx20 ET20 with 295/25ZR20 continental tires at the rear.

Also new to Manhart Racing are increased performances for the new off-road vapor hammers X6 M and X5 M. Manhart Racing endows their 4.4 liter V8 with BI turbo supercharging optionally with 600 HP (€5,900), 650 HP (€9,900) or even 700 HP (€14,900) plus a stainless steel tire from the turbocharger with 90mm pipe diameter as well as square or round, at the price of €4,900.

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