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Infiniti M 2011

Nissan Motor Company’s lavishness brand has been silently building outstanding vehicles and turning heads for more than a few years. But the remaking of the M Series solidifies the product as a high-tech lavish sports carmaker. This car, looks from any angle good.. still its name makes more sense because if you parked all four versions of the M side-by-side, from the base 2011 M37 to the top-of-the-line M56X. Immediately, you find yourself saying MMMM.

In this car weight also affects its performance. It’s incredible in straight-line racing, The trouble is similar to what many luxury carmakers face. If they dial in a taut suspension, the ride is harsh; if you tune a suspension for a luxurious, quiet ride, the car does not want to bite through a fast turn.


Five-passenger, rear-wheel or all-wheel drive lavishness sports sedan
Price M37: $47,115 and M56X: $60,915
3.7-liter: V-6 Engines
5.6-liter: Direct injection V-8
3.7-liter: 330 horsepower;
270 pound-feet torque
5.6-liter: 420 horsepower;
417 pound-feet torque

Seven-speed automatic Transmission
EPA gas mileage
3.7-liter: 18 mpg city / 26 mpg highway
5.6-liter: 16 mpg / 23 mpg highway

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