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To improve car pooling – GIS tool

In Australia, a new online service is using GIS technology to help the commuters and to share transport options.

Green Ride Connect was developed to decrease single-passenger journeys. The web based platform identifies the individual options for bicycling, vanpools, carpools, park-and-ride facilities and public transport.

Tony Gale the program director for Green Ride and a developer of Ecology and Environment said that the system will help to develop more professional use of existing transportation infrastructure, which may save billions of dollars and then reduce the greenhouse gas emissions and time spent in traffic.

He said: “Making more efficient use of existing transportation infrastructure and saving billions of dollars otherwise allocated to parking costs and road construction, while reclaiming time spent in traffic and reduce the greenhouse gas emissions, are the key aims of the Green Ride suite of solutions.”

Green Ride connect has also been launched in 22 states across the United States, as well as in Canada and New Zealand.

Users can follow the tracking of their energy, environmental and economic savings. They can also participate in commuter challenge and incentive programs.

In the city of Redmond Washington, Green Ride claims that the system has saved more than 2 million gallons of fuel, eliminated 1.5 million vehicle trips, and then reduced greenhouse gas emissions by more than 22,000 tones.

The system includes personalized weather, traffic alerts, toll lane management, social network integration and verification, and access via smart phones.

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