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2010Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Mountain Edition

Leading jeep manufacturer located in U.S.’s Sierra Nevada, the 35.4 km long Rubicon Trail is legendary among serious off-roaders; its unfaithful boulder-strewn passages are considered the definitive test of four-wheeling machines. Any vehicle bold enough to wear its name distinguished on its flanks had better be able to deliver the goods.

The Jeep Wrangler Rubicon needn’t panic being considered any kind of poseur. Its decade’s old legacy as the benchmark has elevated the Jeep brand to iconic status, its fans project an air of strong individuality whose lives are lived off the beaten path.

My peak of the line four-door Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon couldn’t be mistaken for anything other than a Jeep. Although it’s evolved since its 1941 origin, the world’s oldest off-roader still bears the signature seven-bar vertical grille flanked by large round headlights. its boxy outline still very much the same.

The chubby theme is repeated in the cabin, all vertical planes and squared off edges done up in industrial grey. luxurious cloth seats, carpeting and liberal allotment of gadgetry are a move up and down towards courtesy, but turning the key dispels any notion that the Jeep has become refined to the point of softness. Although it’s the same mill found in the Caravan, the Jeep’s 3.8 liter V6 fires up with a gruff bay that escalates to a call. It’s not distasteful and its constant drone makes the sound system’s mere adequacy a moot point.

Although the limitless long wheelbase is practical, obviously it can be more flat to scraping when clambering over Smart car-sized boulders. The ability to carry three passengers while enjoying an afternoon in a rocky irritate ditch was greatly appreciated though.

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