Tata Aria 4×2

Aria 4×2, Tata Motors is committed to providing the luxury unit of the city. The combination of sedan and an SUV is priced at Rs 11.85 lakhs and the top model (BS IV version) is priced at Rs 14.47 lakhs.

Aria 4×2 is available in three models, Aria Prestige, pure pleasure and Aria Aria. The Pure model is the new entry in the 4×2 and the top model, Prestige has 16 additional features of pure pleasure.

Tata Motors commercial passenger car business as Vice President R Ramakrishnan opening of the new variant of Tamil Nadu, said the market “We sell more number of units in the coming months … It is for those looking for the city in complete luxury. .. “

Aria Tata 4×2 is available in 85 cities through 150 showrooms. Some of his are2 many interesting features. 2-liter direct injection common rail (DICOR) technology with variable turbine engine, 140 hp and 320 Nm of torque and is equipped with a flywheel dual mass torsional vibration isolated powertrain , thus providing an environment free of NVH in the cabin. The new gearbox Mark II is a perfect companion for the engine to ensure smooth power delivery and precise change.

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